Wai`anae Water Works TM

January 2nd, 2010


Today a bunch of us hiked along the Water Works Trail to do final prep for the up coming HTMC hike.  We had a few "none" members of the usual group, friends of friends and family.

I decided to do this report a little different.  I'm just posting a map of the trail, no pictures.  Well...not really no pictures...there are pictures but to see them you have to click on the "hot spots" which are the gold arrows on the map.  After viewing the photo just use the "go back" arrow on your browser.7

The Water Works trail is marked off in blue.  Dash lines are an old dirt road built by the Wai`anae Plantation many years ago.  The dotted lines are the trail, and the solid black is the paved BWS road.

Thanks Stanka for some of the pictures I used today.